Recap: Zandan at National Academy of Science Colloquium

Peter Zandan, Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ global vice chair of research and chairman of Research+Data Insights, recently spoke at The Science of Science Communication II Colloquium in Washington, D.C.,  as part of the National Academy of Sciences’ Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia.

Zandan, along with co-presenter Davis Masten, former CEO of Cheskin+Masten, took the stage to discuss how science communication could be more effective if it took some lessons from the business world.

In their presentation, Zandan and Masten thanked the social sciences for developing techniques that are used to provide value to business. Additionally, they offered insights from their experiences in strategic communications and research.

The density and complexity of scientific data can make it difficult to communicate with audiences, but informing an audience about an innovation in the scientific sphere can be approached in the same way as a consumer about a product in the corporate space said the presenters. 

As businesses are working toward innovation, science needs business to create markets for these advancements. Engagement is key. The presenters stressed the value of measurement and data while emphasizing the need for transparency and utilization of social media. 

“It’s one thing to convey, it’s another to engage,” Zandan noted, as he and Masten discussed ways that science communicators could incorporate private sector successes into their own messaging. 

“Bottom-up communication is much more powerful these days,” said Masten as the pair emphasized creative practices to help science communication be better heard and understood amongst the noise. 

Click here to watch the complete webcast of the discussion starting around 2:46.