Have a few outstanding parking tickets? So does North Korea. Have a boyfriend who is Michael Jackson’s doppelganger? So does this woman. Have a bite so powerful it could have chewed through dinosaurs? So does this frog. Even if these questions may not apply to you, there are plenty of other interesting stories from this week worth pondering. Here are five of them:


1. McDonald’s is subbing out Minute Maid juice from its Happy Meal and replacing it with a healthier option. The replacement juice, made by Coca-Cola’s Honest Kids, is organic and halves the amount of sugar, calories, and carbs in the beverage. Shares in both Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are rising in response. So if you’re a parent who typically turns toward healthier options, McDonald’s is making moves in your direction.

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2. It’s the first day of fall, so it’s the perfect time for us to think about Santa and the holiday season. Deloitte is estimating that holiday sales will increase 4.5% compared to last year’s spending. Even though brick-and-mortar shopping is on the downtrend, Deloitte predicts that personal income growth, along with a mix of other factors, will keep retail out of retail-pocalypse.


3. Save the date. On October 3rd, Microsoft is hosting a Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco to showcase the next steps for Microsoft in wearable technology and mixed reality. So far, Microsoft has been an active pioneer in the mixed reality industry, so it’s no surprise that the company is making an experience out of its updates in the field. Even if nothing drastic is revealed, the event indicates that when it comes to mixed reality, Microsoft is sticking around.

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4. IBM The technology giant is knee-deep in the cryptocurrency world, but their efforts are focused on blockchain, the network that manages cryptocurrency transactions and is more stable and permanent than the currencies themselves. IBM is leading the way towards using blockchain as solutions for complex situations in industries including shipping, food, and finance. And that’s just the start.
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5. adidas has truly taken over the athletic sneaker market this year, doubling its share and sending it skyrocketing ahead of main competitors Nike and Jordan Brand. Its secret: adidas was the swiftest brand to pick up on the “athleisure” trend, allowing the brand to appeal to a broader market of consumers who look for everyday, fashionable apparel.

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