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Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is a global public relations and integrated communications agency.
About Hill+Knowlton Strategies India

Hill+Knowlton Strategies India is a leading global communications company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s largest marketing communications companies, WPP.

H+K Strategies has delivered game changing communications campaigns in India for three decades and now has a owned network of offices across Delhi – NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai with a proven network of affiliates in a further 100+ cities in India.  We believe that communications needs central consistency combined with local contacts and market insight.

Our Philosophy

We help brands and public communicate. We talk to our clients every day about how they communicate their purpose, their values to the outside world.

We understand and keep up with the perpetual motion of today’s global public. We reflect the voice of the public, at every important decision a company makes. Board level. Brand level. Reputation level. We help our clients communicate not just what they do, but what they stand for. At H+K, we have global reach with local knowledge.

At H+K we have developed a Purpose Driven Communications Model that puts your purpose at the heart of all your communications. It allows us to develop a cause and story arcs that make your purpose relevant and resonant with all your audiences. Once we have developed your cause and story arcs, we create content to carry your story to your audiences and a data-driven publishing strategy to ensure that the content is seen in the right places. Our approach is rooted in purpose and behavioral science and focuses on creating engaging content that will connect with the audience across owned, earned, shared and paid channels. Everything we do is underpinned by data and insights and brought to life by our exceptional talent.

So what do we do?
H+K in India is a full service communications consultancy.  Our offer includes the following and also continues to evolve.


Corporate Communications |  Public Relations | Media Management  |  Stakeholder Engagement |  Messaging and Positioning | Corporate Communications | Crisis and Issues Management | Policy Advocacy  |  Content marketing  | Public Affairs | Community Outreach | Marketing Communications |  Change and Internal Communications  |  Sponsorship |  Digital | Research and Insight | Editorial | Media  Training  |   Crisis Management Training


Corporate| Listed companies  | Startups  | Technology, Media and Telecoms | FMCG/Consumer | Banking | Financial Services | FinTech  | Manufacturing  | NGO/Not for profit | Auto  |  Agriculture  | Chemicals  | Nutrition  | Wellness   | Industry bodies | Entertainment | Heavy Industry | Sports | Energy, Utilities | Healthcare | Aviation | Hospitality | Infrastructure | Social Campaigns |  Government Communications | Public Policy Advocacy |   Public Private Partnerships


Apart from the basics, we go a step further to provide value added services to clients.

  • Editorial Services
    Today, more than ever, written content is what forms the basis of a lot of news, opinions, and eventually influence in the world around us. H+K Strategies lays great emphasis on quality content creation and has a dedicated content development team with special writing skills, subject matter expertise, and a nose for sniffing out relevant information and news from the tonnes of information floating around. What we offer our Clients as services includes, but is not restricted to, publication-specific content and press releases, web-specific content, white papers, backgrounders, and perspectives, speech writing services.
  • Research & Insights
    Researchers at H+K Strategies hone client strategies and create breakthrough campaigns using the knowledge gained by analysing primary and desk side research from a socio, political, economic and market perspective.  Our bespoke research maps client categories, competitor analysis, consumer behaviour and responses and focus group analysis to convert the research and analysis into actionable intelligence for our clients.
  • Media Training & Messaging
    We offer media and presentation training in virtually every sector at every level, and each course is tailored to your specific needs.  We also conduct messaging workshops across sectors to help focus and conceptualize powerful story telling for your spokespeople to build awareness, context and reputation of your company and business.
  • Digital and Social Media Expertise
    With the explosion of the social media and digital space in India, and everyone focused on the latest tool, gadget and platform, H+K Strategies’ Digital team brings clarity to the digital space and focuses on the offline results that drive your business.  We focus on delivering results that have impact where people see them most – on their mobile, their social networks and more using a combination of push and pull technologies.
  • Public Policy Advocacy and Government Relations
    Our public affairs and government relations team has extensive public policy, media and political experience and maintains widespread networks across the government, the media, interest groups and think tanks at all levels. Our services include issues management, government and stakeholder relations, policy analysis, legislative and regulatory monitoring and advice, advocacy support and campaigns, media relations and management, and thought leadership positioning.
  • Media Intelligence
    We all know that “media coverage” influences public perception, so knowing what is being said by “the media”, who is saying it, and finding out why, is vital to business strategy. Our H+K Strategies’ Resource Centre tracks national and international publications, to keep you on top of breaking news stories and trends related to your business – so you always know what’s happening and no unpleasant surprises come your way.
  • Media Relations
    A professional relationship with the media is the cornerstone of public affairs management. To this end, we not only provide journalists with information about our clients’ business, but also share the research and insights we have on the category, audiences, as well as related subjects. As a result, we are often the first port of call for information and tips on major stories and features.
  • Crisis Preparedness Training and Crisis Communication Management
    Crisis Preparedness Training at H+K Strategies includes influencer mapping, special crisis management and communication workshops, scenario creation and resolution, establishment of crisis management protocols and processes, and media training. Crisis Communication Management entails everything from a 24/7 Crisis Hotline, Emergency Media Centre and Helpdesk, Crisis management team activation, Emergency press releases, press conferences, exclusives, and point-of-view share, Liaison with key government officials and other influential groups, direct solicitation to relevant publics through mailers and tele-information services, and Professional networking.
  • Spokesperson Briefings
    As a spokesperson, you have to always see the bigger picture, envision the future, and stay on top of your business with more knowledge and understanding of your space, than anyone else.  H+K Strategies spokespeople briefing books are lucid guides to the latest developments in India’s economic, social, and political environment.  They also include a primer on cultural trends, and sensitivities, and contain profiles of key influencers in the government and the media – people who matter, and who every spokesperson must, or will come in contact with, when engaging audiences in India.
About Hill+Knowlton Strategies

We help brands and the public communicate.

The communications landscape has changed. Change creates new challenges and opportunities. Our agency has changed and continues to do so; we are always in beta.

We are structured around three services: Consulting, Creating, and Connecting. Our cutting-edge proprietary products ensure that we have our fingers on the pulse of public sentiment, both locally and around the globe.

Introducing the Fifth Seat

Global Chairman & CEO Jack Martin explains the Fifth Seat:

H+K’s overriding beliefs about business are set forth in the trademarked Fifth Seat, pioneered by Chairman and CEO Jack Martin. This model defines and drives H+K’s work for C-suite clients around the world. Basic tenets of the Fifth Seat:

CEOs and their boards have traditionally turned to four key advisors when weighing decisions: lawyers (for legal implications), investment bankers (financial impact), management consultants (internal ramifications), and accountants (balance sheet considerations).

Fifth SeatNone of these four “seats” focus on the public as a discrete consideration. And yet, the public ultimately decides which businesses succeed — or fail — and at what pace.

H+K proudly occupies the fifth seat in the room – the one devoted expressly to all matters that concern the public. The Fifth Seat advisory model combines human and research-based insights and tools with a deep trove of creative ideation to provide C-suites with the frameworks they need to grow public trust into corporate success.

H+K: You Belong  

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can reach their full potential.

Learn more here.

A global citizen

With over 85 offices in more than 45 countries, our teams collaborate across time zones, languages, and cultures to help clients make informed decisions and craft compelling campaigns in today’s measurable world.

New talent at our table

We bring a wealth of specialist expertise to the table, including former journalists, awarded scriptwriters, public policy advisors, directors, animators, and behavioral and data scientists. We are constantly adding fresh talent and looking for ways to hire differently.

A trusted partner

H+K has been in this business for more than 90 years, and our world-class teams of trusted advisors and creative experts have a wealth of experience in helping clients strengthen brands, reputations, and bottom lines. We work with over 50 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies and some of the world’s most transformative social enterprises and technology companies in both established and emerging markets. Our relationship with WPP — one of the world’s largest communications groups — gives us an unmatched worldwide presence.

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