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If you are a prospective client wanting to find out more about whether we can help you, or a potential partner looking to explore marketing opportunities, please contact:

Sam Lythgoe
Global Head, Business Development
+44 2074 133000
Global Leadership
Jack Martin
Global Chairman, CEO
+1 (212) 885-0372
Alexander Jutkowitz
Chief Global Strategist;
CEO, Group SJR
Mark Thorne
Global Chief Operating Officer;
Vice Chairman
Meredith Marks
Global General Counsel
Ruth Clark
Global Human Resources Director
+1 (416) 413-4622
Regional Leadership
Viv Lines
Global Vice Chair;
Chairman Asia Pacific
+65 6338 2881
Lars Erik Gronntun
Chairman and CEO, EMEA
+47 22 048 200
Richard Millar
CEO, London
+44 20 7413 3000
Alexander Jutkowitz
CEO, United States

Goldy Hyder
President and CEO, Canada
+1 (613) 786-9932
Claudia Gioia
President and CEO, Latin America
+1 (917) 622-4764
Erin Gentry
President, United States