The 2016 Election Decision: Wow

by James Fuller

Executive Vice President, US
November 9, 2016

The 2016 Election Decision: Wow

Not one political or media pundit predicted this outcome. Donald Trump: Congratulations. Donald Trump rode a wave of anti-establishment anger to win what is perhaps the ugliest and most exhausting presidential election in history. This is our 90-second initial read on what the election of Donald Trump means for America and beyond. This morning, the … Read more

Leaders looking to break from the pack

The campaign has been under way 47 days, but despite ads, photo ops, policy announcements and candidates knocking on doors, national polls still have the race in a three-way statistical tie. For example, the most recent Nanos nightly poll has NDP and Liberals each with 31 per cent support and, Conservatives with 29 per cent—all … Read more