Will QR Codes Ever Find Love?

by H+K Global

October 11, 2017

Will QR Codes Ever Find Love?

QR Codes

Future prospects uncertain for the homely squares One of the new features of Apple’s iOS 11 update is a quick-response (QR) code reader baked into the camera. Big news for consumers? Hardly. Since the busy little squares of black and white began proliferating in the mid-2000s — showing up everywhere from storefronts to packaging, food … Read more

Let Me Upgrade You: How Behavioral Science Can Sell Premium Products


Price is often the first thing a consumer notices about an unfamiliar product—but it also plays an important, complex role in brand reputation. People certainly took notice when Dyson, a household name in the vacuum industry, recently rolled out their first-ever hairdryer at $400 a pop. Yet far from causing sticker shock, the Dyson Supersonic … Read more