Benchmark+ ensures communications strategies are data-led, not opinion led.

Impactful communications

When your communications are data-led you are better able to manage risk and identify areas to create meaningful impact.

Influential communications

A data-led approach will identify the business leaders and influential voices across all your audiences – from government to media, celebrity to sportsperson – ensuring we target the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

Measurable communications

By measuring from the beginning we are equipped to constantly iterate our communications strategies to ensure outputs are effective.

Our tried and test four staged process – Discovery, Benchmarking, Mapping and Planning – uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to root our communications strategies and campaigns in real world insights.


We use our proprietary methodology to evaluate social media and traditional news coverage around the organization and its key activities. We then identify what topics are driving the conversation and, in turn, are likely driving reputation for the organization.

Our experts will then prioritize key message themes that can be vetted in the survey research.


Insights from this analysis shapes what is tested in the phase 2 benchmarking research, including key messages (pro and con) and priority issues or topics where we need to understand sentiment.


We conduct online survey research to measure awareness and perceptions and identify attributes that can have the greatest impact in building support and mitigating criticisms.

The core survey audience is informed public – defined as individuals who closely follow business and policy issues – but can be expanded to include other key stakeholders. We field 1,000 surveys per country selected and provide scaled budget options.


This research provides robust benchmark measures that we use to plot our progress and serve as a framework for how best to communicate your organization’s vision to build and protect reputation.


Using our proprietary global analytics tool Sherlock+, H+K will identify influencers in key countries based on their relevance, reach and engagement with topics relevant for the organization. Influencers possess different strengths and serve different purposes, so we will classify leading voices across three categories: 

  • Macro Influencers – those with large followings (1M+) such as celebrities for greater amplification of messaging;
  • Micro Influencers – those with smaller but highly engaged followings who function as trusted advisors and informed validators; 
  • Hidden Heroes – those without significant followings but who nevertheless shape and guide conversations.


This influencer research allows us to target the right messengers for our communications and ensure they are best suited to speak on the topics that are most relevant to our audience.


We integrate findings from first three phases of research to develop a campaign framework that will serve as a guide to put ideas into action to achieve the objectives of our campaign, including: 

  • Mitigate the risk to your organization’s reputation of any past and emerging issues associated with the organization;
  • Make relevant and resonant the positive value of your organization and its future vision for its sector and broader society.


A campaign plan that includes strategic and tactical ideas on influencer activation, earned and social media, as well as proposed messaging.

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