This was originally posted on Marvin Singleton’s LinkedIn here.

It’s amazing to see individuals and companies rise to the occasion during this pandemic time. Our H+K Texas team had a video conversation with one such person, Mark Cuban.

His new leadership philosophy:

  1. Communicate as often as you can with each other. Now, more than ever, is the time for niceties of knowing about each person and how they are doing.
  2. Now is the time to update materials, create content and review processes.
  3. Reach out to front line employees who communicate the most with customers to hear from them and ask them for suggestions. Some of the best ideas aren’t going to come from the top.

Future of business:

  • The reality is how companies deal with their employees today is going to define their brands for decades to come.
  • This isn’t like business as usual or America 1.0 where everybody kind of had their role. When we come back from this, it is kind of a reset. When we get to the other side and we’re in America 2.0 every role within the company is going to be just as important.

His words of advice during a crisis – be honest, be transparent and communicate. It was a pleasure to hear his comments and know that there are committed leaders making an impact.


Header image via NPR