This year’s Cannes Lions marks a milestone for H+K’s Creative Transformation journey.

It was only four years ago that H+K unveiled an ambitious 10-point plan to build and systematically embed our creative specialisms into our business and operations – a unique vision for how creativity should be brought to life in a modern communications firm.

We built and embedded our creative specialisms across media, strategy, content, creative, digital and data and opened them up directly to our teams and our clients through a series of 10 strategically located Innovation + Creative hubs.

This year at Cannes, we have representatives from across our network of Innovation + Creative hubs; up and down the Croisette, in the Palais and at events will be creative representatives from Jakarta, Shanghai, New York, LA, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Toronto. They are there to bring new creative perspectives back to our clients and the broader agency, and develop their views on how creativity should manifest itself and evolve across every aspect of our business.

The value of these diverse perspectives has never been more critical. In what, at times, is a very fragmented world, it is essential to bring both global and local perspectives to our creative ideas. Seeing things through different cultural lenses and in the context of different regulatory and political environments is critical to developing the right and most effective innovative solutions.

There will no doubt be conversations about generative AI’s disruptive and creative power, how prehistoric meatballs would pair with cassava beer, Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, and whether the metaverse is a busted flush. Equally important should be a conversation about the value creativity can bring to the world in finding what is good, making us smile, highlighting truth and celebrating all that unites us. That is the true power of creativity, and it is by viewing creativity through different creative perspectives that we will learn most from at this year’s Cannes Lions

So follow along. Join the conversation. Because the more we listen, engage, and challenge our own perspectives, the better all of our work will be.

That’s the power of perspective.

Simon Shaw is the Global Chief Creative Strategy + Innovation Officer at H+K and the architect of H+K’s Creative Transformation Strategy. Simon has pioneered the design and creation of 10 Innovation + Creative hubs across the H+K network bringing a new approach to client assignments. The hubs bring together creative, content, media, data and digital specialists with behavioral scientists to work alongside our sector specialists, public + corporate affairs consultants and communication experts.