Time to think outside of the packaging?

by Alison Eyles-Owen

Global Chief Client Officer
October 9, 2017

Time to think outside of the packaging?

If you work in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector you have probably been losing sleep lately. From activist investors to changing retail models and the speed of Chinese manufacturing, there are diverse and disruptive forces impacting the big CPG companies and the brands they sell. In the not-so-distant past, CPG seemed like a safe … Read more

H+K Launches The Shanghai Addition

Shanghai Addition

Cannes, 20 June 2017 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) launches the Shanghai Addition at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The Shanghai Addition is a new way to connect Chinese brands with audiences, cultures and markets around the world, helping them grow creatively and quickly into key geographies. The team currently works with Huawei, Honor, and … Read more

Let Me Upgrade You: How Behavioral Science Can Sell Premium Products


Price is often the first thing a consumer notices about an unfamiliar product—but it also plays an important, complex role in brand reputation. People certainly took notice when Dyson, a household name in the vacuum industry, recently rolled out their first-ever hairdryer at $400 a pop. Yet far from causing sticker shock, the Dyson Supersonic … Read more

The People of Creativity + New Reality

C+ Crowd

Our annual one-day symposium would be nothing without with hardworking people who contribute their time, curiosity, and insight to the event. Here are the people of Creativity+. The preferences of millennials affects consumer trends; the want to travel, share and purchase for the now. – Sir Martin Sorrell in conversation with CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick. As … Read more

Can Creativity Keep Healthcare Human?

Creativity Healthcare

This article originally appeared on PR Week.  Jess Walsh, MD of health and wellness at Hill+Knowlton London and former patient advocate, thinks it’s time to take a breather from the shiny to consider how creativity can help increase compassion and public understanding as technology runs away with healthcare. The below is an excerpt of her … Read more

VR for all? A Glance at the New Virtual World

From virtual surgery at the Royal London Hospital to digital browsing at Ikea, virtual reality (VR) is popping up in unexpected industries as the latest tool for shoppers, educators, and more. But as VR’s applications broaden, the question for many people becomes: What are we actually going to do with it in our everyday lives? … Read more

Is Anyone Listening? Engaging Podcasts are a Brand’s New Best Friend


Content is king. Bill Gates coined the phrase in 1996, but it still holds true today in the world of digital marketing. Investing in quality content helps build a relationship with consumers, hopefully turning them into loyal return customers rather than one-hit shopping wonders. But as many content marketers focus on creating branded articles and … Read more