Tomasz Karasek

In his role Tomasz is responsible for operational excellence of H+K’s global operations, partnering with regional leaders to drive high performance and support H+K’s growth agenda. Tomasz is also leading H+K’s strategy creation and execution effort, including M&A activity.

Prior to joining H+K, Tomasz worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, completing ~40 projects across industries (financial sector, PE, consumer goods, energy & others), functions (strategy, corporate finance, sales & marketing, transformation programs & strategy implementation) and geographies (Europe and both Americas). His strategic experience includes developing a digital banking strategy for a top US bank, turnaround strategy for a major global insurance company and a game-theory assessment of responses to a takeover of a strategic asset by a key competitor in the energy sector. In the corporate finance space Tomasz led multiple due diligence projects for Private Equity investors and coordinated M&A preparation and execution process in two transnational acquisitions. His sales and marketing experience encompasses developing customer segmentation and go-to-market strategy for a major beer manufacturer, and a new product launch for a US pharmaceutical company. Tomasz also coordinated a division-level transformation program at a major financial institution (delivering ~$100M EBITDA impact) and worked on branch network reorganization for a European bank with 1,000+ locations.

Tomasz completed his MBA at Wharton, where he received Palmer Scholar honors (graduating among top 5% of the class). He holds BA degrees in Economics and Business Administration from University of Gdansk from his native Poland.