Can Creativity Keep Healthcare Human?

by Jessica Walsh

Managing Director, Health+Wellness, London
September 25, 2017

Can Creativity Keep Healthcare Human?

Creativity Healthcare

This article originally appeared on PR Week.  Jess Walsh, MD of health and wellness at Hill+Knowlton London and former patient advocate, thinks it’s time to take a breather from the shiny to consider how creativity can help increase compassion and public understanding as technology runs away with healthcare. The below is an excerpt of her … Read more

Creativity + New Reality

Creativity+-2017-static-banner-for-Mailchimp.png 4]

Today is H+K’s annual creativity symposium at Kings Place, London! We’re excited to hear from engaging speakers and network with 300 influential brands and influencers. This year’s theme is Creativity + New Reality, which will focus on how culture and technology are shaping the ways we consume, connect and do business. From virtual reality to … Read more

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All politics is local – big players in China’s regional supply chain for national office

China Leadership

With the 19th Party Congress scheduled to kick off on October 18th, the behemoth on Beijing’s political calendar is now bearing down on us full-tilt, and speculation abounds as to which newcomers will fill the five expected vacancies on the Politburo Standing Committee (PBSC), China’s supreme decision-making panel. Beijing has a long tradition of cherry-picking … Read more

Bacterial Inflection

Several years ago I attended a captivating presentation which the speaker opened, unexpectedly, with a detailed discussion of bacteria.  As it was intended to be a business seminar, not a biology lesson, most of us sat uncomfortably wondering if we were in the wrong room. At the end of his prepared remarks, however, the presenter … Read more

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Always in Beta: H+K wins UK Consultancy of the Year

Three years ago we began a journey of transforming H+K London into the Global Center of Creative Strategy for our network. Last night we were proud to be recognised as the 2017 UK Consultancy of the Year by the Holmes Report. Putting insight, creativity and clients at the heart of everything we do has led … Read more

The Egotistical Curtain Call Fit Only For John Terry

Welcome to Tuesday Team Talk. Every week, the H+K Sports team will give a unique perspective on the stories making the headlines across the world of sport. As a football player, being hauled off by your manager after just 26 minutes of play is just about your worst nightmare. What could you have done during … Read more

VR for all? A Glance at the New Virtual World

From virtual surgery at the Royal London Hospital to digital browsing at Ikea, virtual reality (VR) is popping up in unexpected industries as the latest tool for shoppers, educators, and more. But as VR’s applications broaden, the question for many people becomes: What are we actually going to do with it in our everyday lives? … Read more

Are We on the Verge of a Scottish Spring?

To the residents of the United Kingdom, the signs of the breakup of the old international order are no longer limited to the far-flung regions of their former empire, but are now evident on their own shores. On March 29, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May triggered her nation’s exit from the E.U. by formally invoking … Read more

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China Looks Outward

According to a report released last week by the Rhodium Group and the National Committee on US-China Relations, Chinese direct investment in America is at an all-time high. Chinese companies now directly employ over 140,000 workers in the U.S. and, as of 2016, China had invested $46 billion in the United States—triple the amount in … Read more

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Hill+Knowlton Strategies launches a new index tracking Chinese investors’ attention on Hong Kong-listed stocks

(Hong Kong – April 25, 2017) — Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) announces the launch of a new Index that tracks attention of Chinese investors in Hong Kong-listed stocks. The H+K Chinese Investor Attention Index (the “H+K Investor Index”) brings together data from across multiple sources in Mainland China to analyze where the appetite lies for investments … Read more