What drives a successful campaign? Is it the targeting of your messages to the right demographics or your ability to speak to customers on an emotional level? Maybe your organisation is driven by a sense of purpose or simply has the most engaging content. There are as many approaches to marketing as there are marketers, but one element is consistent. You cannot influence people who don’t hear you.

This is why implementing the General Data Protection Regulation from May 2018 is one of greatest challenges facing marketers for a generation. These regulations are far ranging in scope: they impact whenever an organisation processes information relating to an identifiable person. The regulations require “unambiguous” consent before using customers’ data for marketing purposes, with pre-ticked boxes and opt-outs no longer constituting consent. Early research suggests that only 29% of consumers would opt in to marketing communications under GDPR.

The stage is set for an almighty communications challenge. The brands who can convince their customers and prospects to opt-in to marketing emails ahead of the deadline will have an enviable competitive advantage, those who cannot could lose millions of potential prospects.

H+K’s behavioural science team has developed a unique solution to this problem, one which will help your organisation acquire and retain marketing contacts. By applying the latest scientific thinking in how humans make decisions, we’ve already helped clients to improve their consent rates by 25%.

By Dan Berry, Behavioural Science Strategist