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The modern crisis happens in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the rise of social media and the speed at which news — and often misinformation — spreads, organizations are at constant risk of being faced with a crisis situation that can put brands, reputations and business operations at risk.

A Growing Crisis

Flight School gives participants experience addressing crises in real time — ensuring that even if they don't know what will happen, they have the experience and confidence to respond to any eventuality.

A disgruntled employee posts a damaging video
The incident is amplified on social media
The mainstream media picks up on the story
Employees start asking questions
Your phone rings — it’s a concerned customer
Your brand is now at risk.What next?

How Flight School Works

Flight School is a fully immersive simulation that tests your readiness for a crisis with:

  • A sophisticated online dashboard that simulates social and traditional media activity
  • Live callers role-playing as reporters, third parties and internal contacts
  • Interaction with in-person H+K facilitators
  • Mobile integration via SMS text alerts

Flight School is:


H+K facilitators ensure the experience is truly interactive by adjusting information flow in response to participants’ activity, helping them understand how their actions impact a situation's development.


The online Flight School dashboard simulates the speed at which social and traditional media move in a time of crisis, and the volume of media and stakeholder inquiries a team is likely to receive.


An experienced H+K team works with clients to create a realistic scenario that is relevant to clients’ business and the objectives they want to achieve from the exercise. The skills and processes that clients want to test are established at the outset - from social media monitoring and response to internal coordination to stakeholder engagement. A scenario is developed that tests these objectives, incorporating realistic details, such as reporters and other stakeholders clients often interact with and issues that third parties are likely to raise.

Safe and Secure

The Flight School dashboard is a secure site that is not visible to anyone outside the group of participants, and all content that is entered can be deleted immediately following the exercise. This allows participants to experience a realistic public crisis situation in a safe and private environment.


Immediately following the simulation, H+K facilitators lead a debrief session to provide expert input on participants’ performance and allow participants to share reflections on the exercise and their strengths and challenges. A final report is delivered with an analysis of the exercise, identifying strengths and gaps. The report includes a transcript and timeline of activity. Participants can use the learnings from the exercise to take actionable steps to improve their crisis response process.

H+K has worked with clients across sectors on a variety of scenarios, including:

Sectors – Retail, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Energy, U.S. Military, Food Services and Food Processing, Higher Education, Senior Living Facility

Scenarios – Safety, Data Breach, Employee Misconduct, Product Recall, Product Launch, Oil Pipeline Breach

What People Are Saying About Flight School

“Flight School added a dimension and immediacy to the crisis situation that isn’t possible to achieve in any other way. In today’s environment, ensuring the social media component and its impact on crisis communications resourcing is understood and managed is vital.”
“It was fast-paced, real-time and really showed us what we have to improve and what we did well.”
“This was a really worthwhile exercise that has brought our social media policy to life and the importance of getting it right.”
“Flight School was the most dynamic and engaging crisis simulation our management team has ever experienced. We all walked away knowing that, despite all the operational training we do, there is ongoing need to constantly test our communications process and skills. I would recommend the program strongly for any organization that is public facing.”
- Paul Anderson, President & CEO, Port Tampa Bay (former Federal Maritime Commissioner)

Prepare for Turbulence with Flight School

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