The King’s Games: a sports day and a festive breakfast for all children in primary schools was invented for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in 2013. In 2014 the King’s Games were organised for the second time. The objectives (of King Willem-Alexander and the organization):  1. having a minimum of 5.000 schools participating again, 2. the King’s Games have to become a tradition and 3. showing that the games offer more than just one sports day. IN 2014, the challenge was harder compared to 2013, since there was no advantage of the inauguration ‘hype’ like in 2013.

H+K developed the communication strategy and implementation. The program was the same as in 2013: the children started with a breakfast followed by the sports day. H+K purposed to add a World Record Attempt to the program. We cooperated with the famous Dutch children’s choir Kinderen voor Kinderen (Children for Children), who created a special song and dance. With this song and dance all participating children in the country started the King’s Games on the same time, which was a fun start and a World Record Attempt at the same time.

H+K created and distributed its own content with a weekly King’s Games Journal on YouTube, in the weeks before the King’s Games. In these items, the preparation of participating schools and companies were made visible. The content is used by several Dutch news websites and during the live broadcast by Het Jeugdjournaal (News for young people).

On 25th of April over 1,1 million children and 100,000 teachers from over 5,500 schools participated with the King’s Games. King Willem-Alexander opened the King’s Games again. And this opening ceremony was live broadcasted by the NOS (National Television) during a live show. Only in two years the organization and Hill+Knowlton created the largest yearly sports day in the Netherlands and the King’s Games truly have become a tradition.