In March 2015, H+K officially launched its U.S. women’s network, H+K HER. A major component of this network is mentorHER, a formal, opt-in mentoring program that matches female mentors and mentees for three-month pairings. Now in its fourth session, mentorHER aims to connect women within the firm, provide real-world exposure to career paths, develop leadership skills, and give all parties an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities. It’s evident from participant feedback that the program has helped benefit client relationships, promote professional growth and boost morale.

During mentorHER’s third session this past summer, Natalie Poston, Account Supervisor, Chicago, and Madge Miller, Vice President, San Francisco, were paired as mentee and mentor. Similarly to what we’ve seen with pairs who met during the Global Virtual Mentoring Program, Natalie and Madge continue to connect – whether it’s to say congratulations, share ideas or offer advice. Here are some of their takeaways from their mentorHER session.

From our first call I could tell Madge would be a great resource due to her wealth of experience and her infectious, positive attitude. She encouraged me to think bigger and to engage my WPP agency partners to better serve our clients on integrated teams. I applied this advice and built stronger relationships with non-WPP agency partners, too. One relationship I focused on led H+K to a new business prospect and our team won the business, adding a new client to our roster. If you are looking for a mentor, I would encourage you to have specific asks of that mentor and choose someone with appropriate experience. It’s always nice to offer value to them by sharing your talents, as well.

– Natalie, Mentee

Being a mentor is valuable because it makes me take a look at what I’ve done that has been successful (or not) and think through the steps that another person, with their own strengths and weaknesses, could apply to address the same types of challenges and opportunities. I learned a lot about how someone can adapt the best practices I’ve created for myself to fit what they need. Natalie and I had a great mentor/mentee relationship with some strong results because she had ideas of what she wanted to discuss during our time together. I’m really proud of Natalie that she was able to immediately put our conversations to practical use to secure new business for her office. If you’re becoming a mentor or a mentee, think about what you want out of the relationship and be very descriptive and direct with what that is.

– Madge, Mentor

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