In just two years, Bustle, the female-targeted digital media company, has ascended to become the largest site for women on the internet, with 40 million monthly unique views globally. Bustle’s full-time branded content team has worked with over 40 of the largest international brands, while their editorial team maintains an assembly of contributing writers and editors from all over the country. For millennial women, it’s become a site where they can read content that reflects their viewpoints in an honest and unique way.

For the company, it’s clear this emphasis on authenticity is proving to be a winning strategy. In 2015, Bustle crossed $10 million in revenue, a huge milestone by any measure, but especially given their brief time on the digital scene. What’s their secret to success? We spoke with Meghan Muntean, VP of Business Development at Bustle, on what makes Bustle unique, and on the incredible power of millennial women.


What do you see as the major contributing factors of Bustle’s success?

We have an incredible editorial team of over 40 editors and 250 contributors who create engaging, interesting stories 24/7. Bustle’s goal has always been to reach millennial women on a mass scale, and our approachability has been key in helping us grow. We are all about being real and authentic. In addition, having leadership at the top of the company who have built successful digital media companies, such as Bleacher Report, has been hugely impactful in helping Bustle exceed growth expectations at an early age.

How do you define Bustle’s space in the digital world? What makes Bustle’s brand unique?

Currently, we are the largest site for women on the internet. But our focus remains distinctly on millennial women. We are honored to be a part of an amazing group of publications that speak to women – we are certainly amongst great company. I feel what makes Bustle different is our voice and the fact that we are speaking to a new generation of women – a slightly younger demographic. We are creating content on a mass scale, publishing content written by millennial women writers who live all around the country. Our readers are also our writers, and that means our voice deeply resonates with millennial women, and the topics we cover reflect their diverse and quickly evolving interests.

How does Bustle stand apart from its competitors? 

Our goal is to remain a top 50 destination on the internet and to continue growing. We feel there is a lot of room for more women’s voices online and we are proud to be a platform for those voices. Bustle’s approach, scale and speed sets us apart from other publications and gives us a unique advantage that serves our audience extremely well.

What comes to mind when you think of a story that you could ‘only find on Bustle?’

Because we work with a vast network of diverse contributors, something unique to Bustle’s content is our ability to cover a single topic from all different perspectives and angles. You can come to Bustle and find a single news story covered in a multitude of ways from writers who all have different backgrounds and viewpoints.

What keeps Bustle readers coming back?

Authenticity. Our audience responds to the authentic, fearless and empowering content created by our team of writers and editors. Bustle is an outlet where topics like body positivity, acceptance, self-empowerment, and sex & relationships are covered in an honest, approachable way. This is so important to our mission.

How does Bustle maintain its cutting edge in digital media?

Our voice, our reach and our technology keeps us on the cutting edge. We have an incredibly talented team that is always developing new ways to reach our audience and service our brand partners. This includes everything that represents our tone and audience: from an incredible app, which we launched last year, to beautiful and engaging interactive flow charts, to creating our own stock photography. These things keep Bustle cutting edge, but also allow us to stay true to our mission and ourselves.

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