About Us
Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is a global public relations and integrated communications agency.
About Magnify: Our Content Site

We MAGNIFY what the public is talking and thinking about.

The world is changing, and it is changing fast. The same goes for public sentiment, trends of the day, and the conversations keeping people engaged, whether it’s in the conference room or around the water cooler. Leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise, we publish stories regularly on Magnify, which weaves together sector insights, consumer behavior, and industry developments to keep you in the know. Magnify is a conduit to the public based on our observations from around the globe – providing insight into what the public is thinking, doing, watching, eating, sharing, believing, owning, protesting, supporting, buying and driving. We see it as all fair game to go under our lens to MAGNIFY.

About Hill+Knowlton Strategies

We help brands and the public communicate.

H+K offers senior counsel, insightful research and strategic communications throughout the world. With over 85 offices in 47 countries around the globe, our teams collaborate across time zones, languages, and cultures to help clients make solid decisions and craft compelling campaigns in today’s measurable world.

We know it’s all connected, and how.

We understand how audiences think and engage with the world, and recognize that in today’s ever-connected world, it’s all about integrated communications. It can no longer be just about business-to-business or business-to-consumer. We build entire ecosystems with human experience at the front and center – business-to-human integrated communications. And not just that, we know that smart brands care about making an impact on the world and that their messages contribute to a broader purpose.

We work with the best of the best.

Our firm has been in this business for more than 90 years, and our world-class teams of trusted advisors and creative experts have a wealth of experience in helping clients strengthen brands, reputations and bottom lines. We work with over 50% of the Fortune Global 500 companies and some of the world’s most transformative social enterprises and technology companies in both established and emerging markets. Our relationship with WPP – one of the world’s largest communications groups – gives us an unmatched worldwide presence.

We are master storytellers, content creators + data geeks.

We are structured around ideas, insight and data. Our cutting-edge proprietary products, such as Singlescore™, and Sherlock™ ensure we have our fingers on the pulse of public sentiment, both locally and around the globe. Our expertise in the owned, earned and shared media space proves we deliver credible, engaging ideas and stories that deliver measurable impact in an always-on world.

We deliver depth and breadth.

We have a depth of expertise in a variety of sectors, including: Healthcare, Technology, Energy + Industrials, Financial + Professional Services, Retail + Leisure, Food + Drink and Consumer Packaged Goods. Our London office is home to our first Centre of Creative Strategy, a global initiative to embrace and equip our network for the ever-changing and evolving media landscape. In addition to the Hill+Knowlton Strategies brand, we also house Group SJR, the world’s leading content marketing experts; Blanc & Otus, a premier technology boutique; and Research + Data Insights, a best-in-class research and analytics consultancy.